T H E   E V E N T S

Q: What dates do I need to remember?

Tuesday, July 20th to Thursday, July 22nd.  The events scheduled before and after the wedding day are optional, but it won't be a party without your presence.

Q: Where is the location of the wedding? Are all the events happening at the same place?

All events will be held at Villa Terre Di Nano. We have exclusive use of the property from Monday, July 19th at 3pm to Friday, July 23rd at 10am, and invite you to come hang out anytime.  There are lawn games, two pools and plenty of space to roam.

Q: Can we bring our kids to the events?

Kids are welcome for the events surrounding the wedding day. The wedding day however is adults onlyLet us know if you need babysitting information.

Q: What’s the dress code?

The weather will likely be very warm, so you may want to stay away from dark colors. The venue has lots of grass and gravel, please keep that in mind when choosing shoes. Ladies, we recommend heel stoppers or wedges. 


Pinterest boards for attire inspiration:


T R A V E L   I N F O R M A T I O N

Q: What airport should I fly into?

There are three airports that are close to Villa Terre Di Nano: Florence, Rome, Pisa. From the U.S, Rome will have the most direct flights and frequent fare sales.  But there could be cheaper options flying into another European city and then over to Rome.  You should pick the airport that best fits your budget and needs, note the drive and train times.

Q: Once I’m in Italy, how should I get around? Will I need a car?

Villa Terre Di Nano is located in the Tuscan countryside, so ground transportation  will be required. It's possible to get to the region solely by train but we don't recommend staying beyond the wedding without a car. We love the trains in Europe, they are modern, fast and easy to use. If you're carrying a ton of luggage or have little ones in tow, it can be a bit more work to get on and off the platforms. But totally doable!

Q: Will I need to drive on the wedding day event?

You can if you'd like but we don't recommend it if you plan to drink. While the distances are short, the country roads are dark and windy. We will provide complimentary ground transportation from Montepulciano and the surrounding areas. Details  will be communicated once all guests’ accommodations have been confirmed.

Q: Where should I look for nearby accommodations?

Accommodations can be found all around Villa Terre Di Nano. You can book in the countryside or in the hill towns of Montepulciano and Monticchiello. There are lots of Airbnbs, villas, agriturismos (Italian B&B or guest lodges) and boutique hotels to choose from. 

 I N   I T A L I A

Q: Do you have recommendations for Italy or Tuscany?

Yesssss!!! Check out Things To Do and the regional itinerary pages. We may have gone a little 'Rick Steves' on everything :P

Q: What’s the weather going to be like?

Historically, the weather in Tuscany that time of year is hot.  That said, it's been known to have some surprise clouds and light sprinkles. To be safe, pack a jacket or shawl. 

Q: Will my electronics work?

Italy uses Type F and Type C power sockets (standard voltage 230 V / frequency 50 Hz). You won't need a power adapter if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 - 240 V.  Americans will need to bring a universal adaptor.  Apple products don't need to be converted which is a bonus. We recommend dual voltage styling tools.  It's easier than carrying a bulky converter.

M I S C...

Q: Do you have a gift registry?

We have everything we need for this next chapter together. We're so grateful that everyone is traveling to Italy to celebrate with us.  Your presence is the only gift we need <3