the couple

H E R   V E R S I O N

I noticed his style first, sneakers in wild colors paired with dress shirts and ties. Ties in tech?! Definitely not from California my dears.


Some banter exchanged over Slack for weeks between the two of us. There was flirting but ask us about it and we'd both deny it. I may have yelled at him once in a meeting. Ok make that twice. 


Fast forward to December, there was a goodbye kiss on the cheek after our holiday party (which he doesn't remember). He also really wanted me to go to the after party (which he also doesn't remember).


In January I invited him to happy hour, my first time extending an invite. He said No! Fifteen minutes later (yes, he took that long), he reconsidered for obvious reasons. We went to Marlowe in SoMa and closed down the restaurant.

Five "non" dates or was that four? Anniversaries are tricky. A week later, the rest is history!

H I S   V E R S I O N

I remember looking up from my computer one day and a cute girl walked across the office. I noticed her style. ‘Now that's the kind of girl I could see myself dating.’


A few weeks later she joined meetings on a project that was stalling. She quickly put me and my coworker in our places - full product manager/Tiger Mom-style. She was strong-willed, not afraid to stir the pot after 2 months on the job and I liked it.


Being the gentleman that I am, I walked her to the car after the holiday party. I was drunk. She was sick.


Then there was a Monday happy hour which lasted over five hours. After four consecutive days of hanging out and one 'real' date later that week, it was official.  We were coworkers. We were dating. 


Accusations from coworkers were lobbed. Denials were retorted. And five years later, half the company still doesn’t know.

Fall 2015.

A pair of limited edition Nike Dunks. 

Glances across the office floor.

Some strong words in shared meetings.

Ingredients for a classic love story, right?

One small, one tall
Joshua Tree
Monte Alban
Lake Tahoe
Memories of SF
Point Reyes
Ready to cook
Pouring drinks
17 degrees
Shaved Ice
New Years!
Dia los muertos
Fourth of July
Starting the hike
We got engaged!