things to do

B E N V E N U T I   I N   T O S C A N A

There’s lots to see and do in Tuscany.  From art to history, to wine and food - there's really something for everyone - did we mention food?!?  Besides eating, our next favorite thing to do is la passeggiata. This evening promenade, generally between 5pm and 8pm, occurs in virtually every town, village, or big city in Italy. 

Be aware that many businesses close (and Italians go on vacay) in August especially around the 15th, for Ferragosto, Italy's national holiday. Tourist sights typically stay open but many 

O U R   I T A L Y   M A P

Short on time or want the tl;dr? 


This is an extensive map of interesting locations all around Florence and Tuscany ranging from restaurants we’ve loved, to vineyards and hill towns we’ve visited.  Enjoy!

R E G I O N A L   I N F O

Below are travel guides that highlights our favorite things across the different regions in Tuscany, from Florence and Chianti in the north, to Val d'Orcia and Montepulciano in the south. 


LOCATION:   Villa Nano, 53026  Monticchiello - Pienza SI, Italy